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TUNE IN Art products are designed around selections for the Official Lists of the Texas UIL Art Contest (which change every two years), but they make excellent classroom instructional materials as well.  Each UIL Official List includes 40 paintings, from the holdings of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. and from selected museums throughout Texas.  Our audio CD tour is easy to use with prints.  The video tour is self-contained.  A printed picture-by-picture teacher's discussion guide accompanies each tour to make teacher preparation a breeze. From Renoir to Rothko, from Ribera to Matisse, these  tours will educate and entertain your students.  If you can't take your class to the art gallery, bring part of the gallery to your classroom!  We hope you can take your class to one or more of the Texas museums.

From the Fall 2019-Spring 2021 UIL Official List


ArtSmart  2019-2021  (Audio CD Tour)


A "museum" tour of the paintings on the current Art Contest Official List.  There are selections from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and from museums located in cities around the state of Texas.


ArtSmart  2019-2021  (Large Prints)


Poster-style prints on heavy paper, approximately 11 inches x 14 inches.  Good for group use, classroom displays, or to conduct UIL Invitational and District Art Contests.


ArtSmart  2019-2021  (Small Prints)


Small prints, approximately 4 inches x 6 inches.  Convenient for individual students, these very portable prints can be used to study for the Art Contest, to follow along with the audio tour, or as rewards for classroom achievements.


ArtSmart  2019-2021 Team Pack


Six sets of small prints, plus six Art Smart Bulletins, the official source for UIL contest answers.  You save over $13.00!


ArtSmart  2019-2021  (Video)


The forty paintings and tour combined on a DVD.

Art Smart Bulletin

For the convenience of our UIL customers, TUNE IN offers copies of the 2019-2021 UIL Art Smart Bulletin.  This publication is the source for test questions in the UIL Art Smart Contest, both Part A (picture and artist identification) and Part B (art elements and art history).  The bulletin also is available for purchase from UIL.


Art Smart Bulletin


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Practice Tests

For help in preparation for the 2019-2021 UIL Art Contest, we offer six sets of practice tests, three for each division of the UIL contest (Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-8).  Tests are in the same format as the contest.  Each set contains master copies of three original tests, with answer keys.


Art Contest Elementary Practice Test Set  I (2019-2021)



Art Contest Elementary Practice Test Set II (2019-2021)



Art Contest Elementary Practice Test Set III (2019-2021)



Art Contest Junior High Practice Test Set  I (2019-2021)



Art Contest Junior High Practice Test Set  II (2019-2021)



Art Contest Junior High Practice Test Set  III (2019-2021)


Fine Art from Former UIL Official Lists

Save with BIG discounts!  Expand the resources you have at hand to enrich your students' experience. Add these groups of 40 of the world's great paintings to your "classroom museum." Choose the selections that are suited to your lesson plan for the day, and let the discussion begin!  Or take advantage of these prints to decorate your classroom. Offer small sets or individual large prints as rewards and prizes. Let UIL's former Art Contest selections be the beginning of a lifetime of pleasure and learning for your students. These materials are from the 1997-1999, 1999-2001, 2001-2003, 2003-2005, 2005-2007, 2007-2009, 2009-2011, 2011-2013, 2013-2015, 2015-2017 former UIL Official Lists and from the Fall 2017 - Spring 2019 Official List. Click here for a list of paintings and artists included in those former Official Lists.


Art for All Times (97-99) (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



Art for All Times (97-99) (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



On the Subject of Art (99-01) (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



On the Subject of Art (99-01) (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



Painting by the Subjects (01-03) (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



Painting by the Subjects (01-03) (4 x 6 Inch Prints)


43501 ArtSmart Study Companions (03-05) (11 x 14 Inch Prints)


43500 ArtSmart Study Companions (03-05) (4 x 6 Inch Prints)


45501 ArtSmart 2005-2007 (11 x 14 Inch Prints)


45500 ArtSmart 2005-2007 (4 x 6 Inch Prints)


47501 ArtSmart 2007-2009 (11 x 14 Inch Prints)


47500 ArtSmart 2007-2009 (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2009-2011 (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2009-2011 (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2011-2013 (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2011-2013 (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2013-2015 (11 x 14 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2013-2015 (4 x 6 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2015-2017 (11 X 14 Inch Prints)


ArtSmart 2015-2017 (4 X 6 Inch Prints)



ArtSmart 2017-2019 (11 X 14 Inch Prints)


ArtSmart 2017-2019 (4 X 6 Inch Prints)