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Things To Keep in Mind As You Browse:

  • TUNE IN offers several easy ways to order.  Click here to see which one best suits your needs.

  • TUNE IN audio packages include one or more audio CDs, and copy masters for all the print materials you'll need-- student worksheets, answer keys, and optional additional activities.   Preparation is a breeze-- just hand out student worksheets and start the audio!  

  • Teachers are welcome to duplicate TUNE IN print materials (e.g., worksheets, exercises), but only in whatever quantities you require for your individual classroom or contest team (single user authorization only).  Materials can be used year after year.  For one student, a small group, an entire class-- you decide when and how to put our products to use.

  • All TUNE IN products are copyrighted.  TUNE IN DVDs, audio CDs, and art prints may not be reproduced without express written consent from TUNE IN.

  • TUNE IN offers "group packs" throughout the catalog, priced with built-in discounts.  If you're interested in extra value for your money (and who isn't?), watch for this symbol to identify our specially priced group packs.

  • TUNE IN catalog descriptions include a suggested grade range for each product we sell.  We realize that the content and complexity of materials suitable for any grade level varies between schools, between classes, even between students.  At the end of each product description, we offer numbers in parentheses like these (7-8) that suggest a grade range for the product.

  • TUNE IN products are guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the product and we will cancel your invoice or refund your money.  Your total satisfaction is our goal.

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Here's a brief preview of TUNE IN products.  Use the buttons at the left of your screen to select a subject area, or click on any underlined word or phrase below to jump to that section of the catalog.



Our Art products are designed around selections for the Official Lists of the Texas UIL Art Contest.  The 2021-2023 list includes 30 paintings, chosen from holdings of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C., and from Texas museums.  We offer large sets of 11" x 14" poster-style prints and small prints of 4" x 6" flash card style.  We also provide the Art Smart Bulletin which is the source for all information required to answer the questions in Part B of the contest. Finally, complete your lesson plans or contest preparation with our ready-to-use tests and answer keys.



Help your students develop that extra edge for standardized testing and for academic contests with our wide range of Language Arts products.  Choose instructional and practice materials in creative writing, dictionary skills, listening, spelling, storytelling and oral communication .

Our creative writing print package is geared for beginners, like those who participate in the UIL Creative Writing Contest.

Using recorded instruction and exercises, plus additional written practice, our
dictionary skills packages help students learn to get full value from a dictionary as a reference tool.

For students from kindergarten through junior high school, we offer audio CDs designed to develop and maintain good listening skills.  Instructional CDs use exercises to teach specific aspects of good listening.  TUNE IN's extensive library of practice CDs, including many scripts and tests used in the UIL Listening Contest, allows you to incorporate listening practice into any area of your curriculum.  Use our scripts and tests to supplement your lesson plans for a subject, while you help students maintain and refine their listening skills.

Use our spelling packages to help students prepare for the UIL Spelling Contest.  Study packages include recorded practice spelling tests on audio CDs, printed copies of those tests, and a list of the appropriate official UIL spelling words.

The TUNE IN storybook library offers original stories for young listeners and storytellers in both audio and print media.  Use the stories in your classroom for language arts lessons or for story time, and help students prepare for the UIL Storytelling Contest.

Our oral communication instructional videos help students in middle school, junior high and high school prepare for speech class assignments and UIL contests.  Principles of communication discussed in them will help students with many other speaking and performance assignments in their later academic and professional lives.


Our extensive product line in this area is designed to help students get full value from an atlas as a reference tool, learn how quickly and accurately to read and interpret information from the basics of map directions to the complexity of topographical and statistical maps, and develop vocabulary and skills necessary to comprehend simple and complex statistical graphs and charts.  Several of our audio CD packages, and all of our practice test sets, contain material previously used in the UIL Maps, Graphs & Charts Contest.

For developing atlas skills, we offer a series of instructional and practice audio CDs and worksheets that take students from the basics of using a reference and reading a map through interpreting statistical information and comparing different images of the same geographic area.  Lessons and exercises generally are applicable to any student atlas, but specific examples and page references are drawn from the Nystrom Desk Atlas.  Students who use other atlases may find some of the lessons impossible to follow.  Atlases are not included in our packages.

In our map skills series of instructional and practice audio CDs and map worksheets, we use interactive and written exercises to take students from the beginnings of map directions and symbols through the complexities of topographic and statistical maps.

Our audio CDs graph skills series helps students build a vocabulary of graph terminology and provides a sound basis for developing a thorough understanding of graphs.  Using recorded instruction and worksheet practice, we begin with graph basics, then lead students through progressively more complex graph comprehension skills.

We offer a full range of products designed specifically for UIL coaches and contestants, into which we incorporate materials that actually have been used in the Maps, Graphs & Charts Contest.  Our audio CDs include contest tips and recorded exercises, accompanied by additional written practice materials.  Then use our practice test sets to make sure your students are ready for competition.

In our "thinking numbers" audio CDs, we offer students tips and practice for working calculations in their heads instead of on paper.  Some exercises involve only numbers and mathematical operations.  Others are word problems that require students to analyze, then calculate.   Word problems are drawn from situations students encounter in everyday life.  Some exercises allow note-taking, others require that students complete calculations in their heads.

By providing math instruction in an audio format, our products help you develop student skills in two curriculum areas at the same time.  Students' math abilities are not tied to their reading abilities, but their listening skills get a good workout.