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1.    Do I have to use your order form?

No.  You are welcome to submit your order in whatever format is easiest for you, as long as it includes all the information necessary to process the order.  Essential TUNE IN product information includes:  product code, item description, price, quantity, and amount.  We also must have from you:  a mailing address, the name of the person to whom we should ship, and a telephone number, in case we need to contact you before we process the order.  If you are ordering for a school, please include a purchase order number or prepay with check or credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard). Individuals must prepay with check or credit card. A shipping and handling charge will be added to each order - $5.00 on each order that totals less than $50.00; $10.00 on each order that totals $50.00 to $150.00; $15.00 on each order that totals $150.00 or more.


2.    Do I need a purchase order number before I can submit an order?

Orders must be prepaid or provided with an Approved Purchase Order from your district.  Most schools will not pay for materials ordered without a purchase order number.  If ordering for a school, please check with your business office for procedures.  Schools or individuals may prepay with check or credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard).


3.    What if I buy a product, and it isn't what I thought it was?  Can I return it for a refund?

All TUNE IN products are unconditionally guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with a product for any reason, return it within 30 days.  We will cancel the invoice or refund your money.  Your total satisfaction is our goal.


4.    I want more information before I order.  How can I learn more about a product?

Just call us, at 1-800-488-6346.  We'll pay for the call, discuss any product about which you have questions, and, if you like, take your order right over the telephone.


5.    How do you ship your orders?

All orders are shipped Priority Mail through the U.S. Postal Service.


6.    How long does it take to get my materials, once I've placed an order?

Most orders are shipped in 1 to 3 days after we receive them.   If you're in a hurry, email, phone, or fax your order, rather than sending it by mail. 


7.    I have a rush order.  Do you ship express or overnight?

Most orders are shipped by priority mail which is typically 2-3 days for delivery anywhere in Texas.  For express mail service, add $35.00 to standard shipping charges. Please bear in mind that USPS express delivery to some addresses takes two days rather than one!


8.    If a product was developed specifically for a UIL contest, why should I find it useful in my classroom?

Because UIL academic contests are designed to enhance and build upon regular classroom instructional activities, not to compete with the classroom for your students' time and attention.  TUNE IN products will make your students better contestants, but we don't believe in just "teaching the contest."  Our products are designed both to increase knowledge and to develop learning skills.  Learning how to listen, to use a dictionary or an atlas, to read a graph or a chart, to understand a work of art, to speak and write more effectively-- these are skills students need throughout their school years, not just on UIL contest days.


9.    How do I find out more about UIL academic contests?

Click HERE to be taken directly to the A+ Academics section of the UIL website for Elementary and Junior High.  The site includes general information about UIL, and specific information about each of its academic contests.  You'll also find contact information for UIL staff, who will be happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have about UIL programs and contests.


10.    Is TUNE IN part of UIL?

No.  We work closely with UIL academic staff as consultants for contests for which we prepare contest materials.  But we are a private company, not in any way a part of UIL.